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Cold Drop: process and consequences

Meteorological Concepts III The Cold Drop

Have you heard of cold drop? Cold drop, an extreme weather phenomenon, is particularly relevant to those working in agriculture and lawn care. This article provides a comprehensive overview of how it affects these sectors and what measures can be taken to mitigate its effects.

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Meteorological concepts I. Ambient Humidity

The air in the atmosphere is composed of a mixture of gases, mainly Oxygen (21%) and Nitrogen (78%), but also water vapour which together with carbon dioxide and other gases (1%) make up 100% of its composition. These would be the percentages for air under normal conditions, at

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Other narrow-leaved weeds

There are certain narrow-leaved weeds that predominate on our golf courses, which are not grasses but members of the Juncaceae and Cyperaceae families. They occur mainly in wet, poorly drained or over-irrigated soils. It is therefore necessary to eradicate the problems of over-irrigation.

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Measures of sodicity: RAS and PSI

Sodium is found in the soil in a combined state and mainly in the form of salts. An excess of sodium in the soil leads to a deterioration of its physical and chemical properties and impacts directly or indirectly on crop yields, as it has dispersant effects on the

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