One of the main concerns of Tiloom´s clients lies on how to take better care of their loved ones when they are not longer able to manage by themselves. We offer the following range of services:

Icono Viejuno Seniors:

AbuelosTiloom makes available to you the technology that allows you to know the whereabouts of the older person who requires to be monitored. This way, we can be informed about which room is he/she in and for how long; an alarm would let us know if he/she leaves the house or suffers any kind of accident/mishap, also he/she would be able to call for urgent assistance by pressing a panic button at his/her disposal.

Remote monitoring of biometric parameters is already a reality: thus, the heart rate (pulse), the oxygen levels in blood (blood oxygen saturation or SpO2), the respiratory rate (RR), the electrocardiography (ECG, by an electrocardiogram), the glucose level in blood (by a glucometer), the galvanic skin response (GSR), the arterial pressure (sphygmomanometer)  and the physical activity of the patient (accelerometers) can be easily monitored from a PC, Smartphone or Tablet, allowing us to check on our loved ones when we are not at home.

 Icono Bebito Babies/Children:


Avoiding any potential hazards at home becomes a priority once you become a parent, as we are  more inclined to perceive our surroundings as potentially dangerous to our children. Tiloom´s technology will send you alerts to your mobile device if the knife drawer, the medicine cabinet, or the room where you keep the cleaning products are opened, or if the access to the possibly dangerous stairs is wide open. All these security measures are made available by the Internet of Things.

 Cruz Roja Hospitals:

Regarding professional health care demands, all the previously described services can be applied to hospital patient monitoring. Furthermore, the technology can be used to control the frequency and dosage of medication or to evaluate the patient´s bed positioning in order to avoid bedsores caused by long-term immobilization.

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