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OxyTurf + KELP - Makro Organics

OxyTurf + KELP - Makro Organics

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  • 20 litre carafe
  • Oxygenates the soil
  • Add top quality bio-stimulating algae.
  • Degrades organic matter
  • Eliminates thach



OxyTurf is combined with KELP. It incorporates cutting-edge green technology from natural sources in South Africa.

  • Increases aerobic microbial and enzymatic activity in the soil.
  • Systematically increases dissolved oxygen levels.
  • Adds a multitude of vitamins, proteins, amino acids, organic acids, growth hormones, betaines, phytohormones, polysaccharides and mineral compounds from cold-pressed Ecklonia Maxima seaweed (Giant Kelp from South Africa, the best in the world).
  • It allows a gradual reduction of straw and black layer to optimum levels.
  • Improves infiltration, permeability and oxygen circulation.
  • Improves the firmness of the floor to levels compatible with sports practice.
  • Promotes root development in mass and length, achieving deeper rooting.
  • Reduces turf stress and accelerates recovery.
  • Promotes plant resistance to pathogens and diseases.

This high-performance solution initiates decompaction of the soil profile, unblocking pores and improving percolation. Dead zones and the depleted layer dissipate and are replaced by a revitalised positive aerobic ecosystem.

OxyTurf allows nutrients, additives and fertilisers to penetrate the soil profile evenly, where they are absorbed by root systems much more efficiently. You can expect the roots to increase in length, width and overall volume, providing a resilient turf and a better playing surface.

The composition includes extracts from a variety of non-genetically modified plants.


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