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Bio-help and wetting agent EVR: Activates SAR in your lawn

Bio-aid and wetting agent. Activates the turf immune system (SAR), naturally reduces the surface tension of the soil, increases the efficiency of absorption of active ingredients and improves the physical condition of the soil.


Discover the innovative EVR:Bio-Adjuvant and Moisturising Agent

The bio-adjuvant and wetting agent EVR is an advanced formulation designed to optimising turf health and efficiency. This innovative product not only improves the natural resistance of the turf through the activation of the Acquired Resistance System (ARS), but also facilitates more efficient nutrient uptake and improves the physical condition of the soil.

Technical characteristics of the bio-aid and wetting agent EVR

  1. Activation of the grass immune system (SAR):

    • By inducing natural defence mechanisms, turf can better resist disease and environmental stress.
  2. Reduction of the surface tension of the soil:

    • This wetting agent reduces surface tension, allowing more efficient and uniform distribution of water and nutrients.
  3. Improved absorption of active ingredients:

    • Optimises the penetration of active ingredients into the soil, resulting in more effective use of fertilisers and treatments.
  4. Improvement of the physical condition of the soil:

    • Improves aeration and reduces compaction, promoting root growth and soil health.

Frequently Asked Questions about the bio-aid and wetting agent EVR (FAQ)

  1. How does the Acquired Resilience System (SAR) work in turf?

    • SAR is a process by which the grass activates its immune system in response to pathogens or environmental stressors, increasing its ability to defend itself against future attacks.
  2. How is this Bio-Adhesive and Wetting Agent (EVR) applied?

    • For best results, apply directly to the floor according to product instructions. If you need more technical product information, please contact us. Regularity and dosage will depend on the specific soil and turf conditions.
  3. Is this product safe for all types of turf?

    • Yes, the Bio-Adjuvant and Wetting Agent is formulated to be safe and effective on a variety of turf types, although it is always recommended to read labels and consider the specifications of each type.
  4. How long does it take to see results?

    • Effects may vary, but improvements in turf health and resilience are generally seen within the first few weeks of regular application.

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