Water Management

WaterTiloom offers a technological platform, based on wireless and independent sensors. This powerful tool enables suppliers to obtain their clients’ characteristics, profiles and consumer patterns, in real time, and to measure the efficiency and performance of their facilities and consumption on-line. Each supplier will have a continuously updated database on consumed water habits, supply patterns, efficient use of facilities, etc.

The platform may also be used to adjust the logistic systems involved in water cycle management to the “Smart Cities” policy. This will generate an intelligent map describing the traceability of water- an extremely valuable resource- in a housing complex, neighbourhood or even in a city.

aguaDifferent Benefits for a Supplier

We have detected 12 possible applications for our wireless sensor network in order to resolve real needs with the technology offered:

  1. As a tool to supervise business awareness and performance in real time.
  2. As a tool to reduce claims for inadequate readings or possible meter errors, with a technological device that is able to register measurement irregularities, alert any changes derived from handling of the meter, etc.
  3. The infrastructure is ready to cut off the water supply, stopping the flow through an Internet-connected valve that immediately halts the service in the event of non-payment or fraud.
  4. As a technological platform it informs our clients and provides accessible information about their habits, effective consumption, cyclical demand, etc.
  5. It is a differentiating characteristic when positioning a company in Public Tenders for Water Management. Thus, the technological platform can generate a competitive advantage over other companies that favour a non-EC or international Water Management concession.
  6. It serves as an instrument to generate a portfolio of new value-added technological products for our end customers, including services that may offer a new source of income for Canal.
  7. It is a means of controlling individual consumption.
  8. It is a technological option to measure the water flow consumed in parks and gardens, thereby increasing the number of water supply points under control.
  9. It helps implement a Corporate Responsibility Policy, able to detect inefficiencies in the system with Internet-connected sensors, to include leaks and alerts, optimizing the distribution network.
  10. It may be used to accredit a commitment to TIC infrastructure, aimed at encouraging the maximum efficiency required by ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.
  11. Our platform allows the remote measurement of water consumption and individualized reading (according to the requirements of new Ordinances and Regulations), as well as the registration of real flows; cancelling any estimates, optimizing their management and removing the need for current intermediaries recording these flows in condominiums of owners and housing complexes.
  12. Control of hydraulic infrastructures and ongoing works, able to supervise the necessary parameters with adjusted sensors providing information each minute on the state of the network, showing this information on the Internet for consultation from off-site locations.

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