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Tiloom offers a technological platform, based on wireless and autonomous sensors, which generates a powerful tool for supply companies to know theWater characteristics, profiles and consumption patterns in real time of its customers, and measure the efficiency and performance of its facilities and consumption on-line. The supply company will have a continuously updated database on water consumption habits, supply patterns, efficiency of use of facilities, etc.

The platform can also be designed as a means of adapting water cycle management logistics systems to the "Smart Cities" concept, enabling the generation of an intelligent map detailing the traceability of such a valuable resource as water in a housing estate, a neighbourhood or even a city.

waterDifferent Benefits for a Supply Company

Twelve possible applications of a wireless sensor network have been identified to solve real needs with the proposed technology. These are:

  1. As a tool for monitor knowledge and evolution of the business in real time.
  2. Tool for minimising complaints about reading errors or due to possible meter errors, having a technological device that can register anomalous behaviour in the measurement, alert of changes that may come from meter tampering, etc.
  3. Infrastructure ready for cut off the water supplyThe system would interrupt the flow through an internet-connected valve that would allow for immediate cessation of service in the event of non-payment or fraud.
  4. As a technology platform for the knowledge of the client and access information on their habits, their consumption efficiency, their cyclical demand.
  5. As a differential element for the positioning in public tenders for water management. In this way, a technological platform can be provided that generates a competitive advantage over other companies that opt for a non-EU or international concession in Water Management.
  6. As an instrument to generate a new product portfolio value-added technology for the end customer, as well as services that can provide a new source of revenue for Canal.
  7. As a means of control of self-consumption.
  8. As a technological option for measuring water flows consumed in parks and gardensThis increases the number of controlled water intakes.
  9. Like support for the implementation of a Corporate Responsibility PolicyThe system can detect inefficiencies in the system with sensors connected to the Internet, detect leaks, generate alerts and optimise the distribution network.
  10. As a means of demonstrating a commitment to an ICT infrastructure geared towards driving the maximum efficiency required by the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications.
  11. The platform allows the remote metering of water consumption and allows the individualisation of readings. (in accordance with the requirements of the new Ordinances and Regulations) and registration of real flows, eliminating those made by estimation, thus optimising their management and dispensing with the current intermediaries who register them in neighbourhood communities and housing developments.
  12. Monitoring of water infrastructure and works in progressThe system is capable of supervising the necessary parameters with adapted sensors that report minute by minute the state of the network and display this information on the Internet, for consultation from locations far away from the controlled site.

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