Tiloom is deeply involved in taking care of the Environment. To do so we have made available different solutions on wireless sensor networks.

Prevención de Incendios

Fuego 2

Silueta Nodo_Mide FuegoThe deployment of a sensor network on a forest setting is a highly efficient way to early detect fires, allowing a better coordination of the different teams involved and also minimizing its devastating consequences.

The use of one of our network sensors can make a huge difference between an on time intervention and an uncontrolled fire, especially in those areas with high fire risk.

Contamination Environmental Control

Silueta Nodo_Mide GASNot only should we look after the natural environment, but also after our cities. One of the biggest problems that we are currently facing is air pollution. Tiloom offers their customers the possibility of deploying a sensor network to trace an online map of the pollution to be able to track its evolution on-line. The innovation relies upon the simplicity of its design and deployment since it is completely wireless, easy to enlarge and scale up and last but not least, the sensors can be moved to another location depending on each time’s needs.

Silueta Nodo_Mide RuidoAnother aspect of environment contamination where Tiloom can provide support is noise. As in the case of air pollution, a wireless network deployed in a city can also trace an online map of the noise that could potentially contribute to the execution of action plans run by the cities aiming at improving their citizens’ lives.

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