Planimetry and flatness – how to measure it?

Planimetry is the determination of the layout of a built surface. For example, a football pitch may have an apparently perfectly horizontal layout, but in reality it hides gabled or hipped slopes of less than 1%.

Sport soils vs agriculture soils

What are the differences between an sport soils and a agriculture soils? Soils are pretty complex systems, they are not just a mix of water, air, mineral particules and organic matter, their microbiome is also pretty important, but… Read More

Multi-Sport venues

Nowdays, in this new era post-Covid, with the biggest recesion on our tourism & leisure industry, we must to reinvent ourselves. Our sport surface management and design must change to adapt these new days to versatility in a… Read More

Growth Factors I Water

Water is the most important and limiting growth factor of all. Its molecule is constituted by two atoms of Hydrogen and one of Oxygen united by a covalent bond. These molecules have polar character, joining together through hydrogen… Read More


The volumetric content of water or moisture (VWC) is a numerical measure, of the soil moisture. Any volume of soil will be occupied by a solid fraction, (either organic as plant material and mineral as sand particles). Another… Read More

Tiloom wishes you a Merry Christmas


” Feeling Gratitude and Not expressing it is like wrapping a present and Not giving it “. Thank you so much for all your support!   We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!