Sport surface metrics

Metric tools usage is not just a matter of measuring but also knowing the meanings of basic statistics. Good management of sport surfaces and its improvement, need to characterize their different values and statistic parameters which define them…. Read More

How to measure the speed of the Green – Stimpmeter

How to measure Green’s speed? First a little history of the Stimpmeter. History One of the most representative characteristics of the quality of a golf course is the speed of the putting greens, and that this is similar… Read More


Moisture retainers are polymers that capture water and are used in times of high water need. The market offers tools to save water, fertiliser and avoid drought stress.

Silicon-based Fertilizers – Benefits

Silicon-based fertilizers are products whose benefits are gaining more interest among greenkeepers. Let’s review in this post what benefits actually exist in silicon fertilizers. Silicon is popularly associated with resistance to drought, biotic stress or improved resistance to… Read More

Biostimulants – Seaweed Extracts

Summer is a very stressful time for turfgrass and several studies indicate the positive effect of seaweed extracts in reducing summer abiotic stress.

From Humus to Leonardite

We know humus and its characteristics as organic matter but Leonardite is a form of organic matter that is more mineralized and much more unknown to everyone. The natural humus of our sports surfaces is formed in a… Read More

Kit Pro Greens by Tiloom

The main objective for a greenkeeper is to achieve the best quality surfaces while keeping efficient and sustainable management There are great differences among sport and agriculture soils and their management, due to their own characteristic differences and… Read More

HIC Tester – Cranial Impacts Criteria – Maximum Fall

Knowing the maximum fall a head can withstand when falling from a defined surface is key to determining the activities that can be performed. There are regulations that determine how and when the surface is safe. Let’s review… Read More

Planimetry and flatness – how to measure it?

Planimetry is the determination of the layout of a built surface. For example, a football pitch may have an apparently perfectly horizontal layout, but in reality it hides gabled or hipped slopes of less than 1%.

Sport soils vs agriculture soils

What are the differences between an sport soils and a agriculture soils? Soils are pretty complex systems, they are not just a mix of water, air, mineral particules and organic matter, their microbiome is also pretty important, but… Read More