Energy Saving

Tiloom offers technological solutions for real time monitoring of energy consumption in a building, house or office, as well as industries, a business complex or a school. Total energy consumption can be reduced by 80% (see real example… Read More

Edification & Civil Works

We offer to our customers complete platforms (software and hardware) to supervise, in real time and in remote mode, facilities, works or personnel as well as tools for controlling the use of any resource that may improve the… Read More

Railway Infrastructure

We offer to our railway sector customers a complete platform (Software and Hardware) for real-time monitoring and remote control of installations, buildings, assets or personnel, as well as auto diagnostic tools for monitoring the consumption of any resource… Read More

Agriculture and Viticulture

We provide a remote weather control, we monitor in real-time the soil moisture levels, the evolution of crops, measuring in daily basis the thickness of the stems or fruit size, checking the concentration of pollutants in plantation environment,… Read More


Tiloom is deeply involved in taking care of the Environment. To do so we have made available different solutions on wireless sensor networks. Prevención de Incendios The deployment of a sensor network on a forest setting is a… Read More

More Human Workplace

Wireless Sensor Networks are the ideal tool to create more human workplaces. Tiloom offers solutions to control air contaminants, noise monitoring and mapping or monitoring the location of workers on site, with the aim of providing more efficient… Read More


One of the main concerns of Tiloom´s clients lies on how to take better care of their loved ones when they are not longer able to manage by themselves. We offer the following range of services:  Seniors: Tiloom… Read More

Oil, Gas and Mining

Tiloom provides a “Wireless Sensor Networks” platform, which allows real-time control on the status of the facilities (water, gas, oil) from a remote location. Among the different sensors we work, we highlight the following ones: Temperature. Temperature +… Read More


Within the logistics sector we offer various solutions, in order to better cover our clients’ real needs. As a result, our utility portfolio includes the following solutions: quality control of product delivery conditions for parcel location. We provide… Read More


If you manage a livestock farm, we offer the necessary tools to control breeding conditions or to locate the cattle whether they are  in farms, in barns or on pastures. Gas safety levels in confined spaces can be… Read More