Smart Cities

We can define Smart City as the city which makes an intensive use of  ICT (Information and Communication Technology) systems to manage both infrastructures/public works and  public services, making them more efficient, interactive and intuitive for its citizens.

Considering the wide range of demands that a city needs to cover, our technology provides an extensive catalogue of services:

  • moderncity_v2Traffic control systems
  • Intelligent Street Lighting control systems
  • Urban noise control systems (creating an accurate map of current status)
  • Transport route and waste collection control systems
  • Energy efficiency control systems
  • Specific platforms that could offer valuable services to the citizens: a general public transport information system or an environmental information system (air pollution monitoring, water monitoring, etc.)





Within the logistics sector we offer various solutions, in order to better cover our clients’ real needs. As a result, our utility portfolio includes the following solutions:

  • quality control of product delivery conditions
  • for parcel location.
  • We provide assistance for the real-time detection of storage incompatibilities or fleet supervision,
  • as well as traceability both inside and outside the plant, and
  • product follow-up services, improving traceability to the very last step in the delivery chain.

Pharmaceutical SectorPill.

Of particular interest are the services we provide to the Pharmaceutical Sector. European Union Directive Good Distribution Practice of Medicinal Products for Human Use (2013/C 68/01), which came into force on 8 September 2013, has now made it extremely difficult to distinguish logistic services costs. Differentiation is therefore achieved with quality service, and this is where Tiloom can provide you with a competitive advantage.

Our platform enables an active supervision of your product quality, with a real-time analysis of the cold chain and delivery of fragile parcels. A constant cold chain in distribution processes ensures that all pharmaceutical products are kept at the necessary temperature from the moment they are manufactured until they reach the client’s hands. Tiloom provides a new system with which to supervise and trace the cold chain.

  • Silueta Nodo_MideTemperature data are monitored and stored in real time, each minute.
  • Data are stored in Tiloom or your local system.
  • Our system will immediately alert you if the temperature departs from the nominal value range established.
  • Alerts may be sent by SMS or e-mail to your Smartphone, Tablet or PC, and are accessible anywhere.
  • All stored temperature data are individually arranged to issue periodic reports.
  • Other parameters may be supervised, e.g. opened packaging, falls, blows, damp and dew point.
  • The truck need not be opened to check the state of any merchandise.

Written records and manual verifications are over. The traceability of a smooth cold chain is guaranteed.

What our system consists of

We provide intelligent wireless sensors to supervise relevant transport parameters, alerting you of any irregularity that may put your products at risk. These sensors not only check the temperature but also store data on the number of times transport and storage doors have been opened, as well as packaging, blows, falls, relative damp and dew point. Real-time monitoring.

Cadena de Frio

Your company’s Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma systems will improve, as well as KPIs. By obtaining real-time data without having to open up the merchandise, transport efficiency indicators are improved, such as MPMs (misdeliveries per million).


If you manage a livestock farm, we offer the necessary tools to control breeding conditions or to locate the cattle whether they are  in farms, in barns or on pastures. Gas safety levels in confined spaces can be also monitored, as well as the required animal health care provided by a veterinary.

 The livestock feeding control systems and livestock production control platforms complete the wide range of services provided by Tiloom, bringing added value to our clients.