Tiloom offers a new monitoring system to golf greenkeepers

Tiloom offers a complete solution to take care of the health of your turf by providing you a real-time monitoring system, provindg you soil temperature, humidity, electroconductivity, water root needs (cbar) and O2 level measures beneath your greens.

Dispositivo enterrado para campos de golf.

Turf sensor


By installing our technology you can measure all these inputs, and they send the information collected directly to the cloud (Internet), just by installing a GPRS SIM card into the devices.

Aspecto de la instalación de los sensores en campo de golf.

Sensor installation in a golf green

You can use the information to read and control critical measurements with a customizable time frequency, and all the information is depicted into a Web Site, where you can program specific thresholds, set alarms, configure critical values to send you e-mails if a particular situations need your attention.
Items are easy to install, and you can move where you need without complex infrastructure because they send the information without telecommunication repeaters.

Environmesh Infrastructure

Environmesh Infrastructure

You will have a powerful platform to display results in maps, graphs and all information gathered graphically, not only from soil conditions but also from environment (local weather stations and National DataBases), irrigation software, laboratory sampling, and so on…

Sensor field graphs

Sensor field graphs

This powerful tool is a reliable resource of metering, because of our well known sensor manufacturers (Spectrum, Irrometer, Apogee), and has now acquired by prestigious golf courses in Spain.

Don’t miss the opportunity to have a system which helps you to make best maintenance and irrigation strategies, reducing time and expenses.



Sensors in your golf course map



Energy Saving

Tiloom offers technological solutions for real time monitoring of energy consumption in a building, house or office, as well as industries, a business complex or a school.

Total energy consumption can be reduced by 80% (see real example of a parking lot in our blog) due to electricity, water or natural gas consumption gauges, presence sensors, actuators and intelligent switches.

Besides the sensors platform, Tiloom offers to customers the following assistance:

  • Consulting site, with historical and comparative data, able to calculate the yield per square metre.
  • Data rendering with guidelines for an energy saving strategy.



Edification & Civil Works

We offer to our customers complete platforms (software and hardware) to supervise, in real time and in remote mode, facilities, works or personnel as well as tools for controlling the use of any resource that may improve the productivity of our customers.

Structural health of buildings



Tiloom added value for customers who wish to control and monitor the structural health of buildings is a range of wireless sensors, no need of electric supply or wires to work, which each minute send the information to a software platform that registers, analyzes and generates alarms. These data are easily accessible in real time from a mobile phone, a PC or a tablet, and the alarms are received on the phone as soon as they are generated. In a nutshell, our system offers the following advantages:

  • Quick and cheap installation, due to the needlessness of wires and supply.
  • The information is available in real time, anywhere: mobile phone, PC or tablet.
  • No one has to go in the field to take measurements.
  • Alarms are generated and communicated in real time too.
  • The sampling frequency can be selected, ranging from 1 minute to 1 hour, 1 week.

 Tiloom Technology

– Sensor to control the appearance of cracks in critical points of buildings.

– Sensor to monitor how these cracks spread.

– Sensor to measure the growth of these cracks.                       

Civil Works

The solutions offered for buildings can easily be applied to civil works. There are, however, two exclusive sensors of interest for civil works:.

Tiloom Technology

Sensor to measure the contraction-expansion of materials for infrastructures: these can be rented for load tests. Usual strain gauges require room to be placed under the structure; our sensors do not.

Silueta Nodo_Transmite

Sensor to monitor concrete: quality depends on the concreting and curing phases. Tiloom offers a sensor that can measure temperature and contraction anytime: during the beginning of the curing, throughout the 28 days of hardening or the following years. The Tiloom sensor is immersed in the concrete (including the antenna) and registers all data in its own non-volatile memory. The user can download these data thanks to the long scope antenna, even though the sensor is inside the concrete. A complete report is available anytime that includes all the measurements and the date when they were made.


  • Structures montoring (bridges, roads, big buildings, concrete foundations, etc).
  • Concrete tests and laboratory certifications.


  • 5 metre long antenna wire, compatible with deep foundations
  • Factory calibrated sensors for the whole service life.
  • Long life battery (up to 10 years).
  • Software and data base to record and sort out data.

Monitoring of the construction of tunnels next to buildings

When a tunnel is being constructed close to buildings, it is mandatory to control the subsidence, usually with topographical methods, making measurements regularly. This is especially critical when tunnel boring machines are employed. With Tiloom technology, a real time monitoring (even 1 data per minute) can be performed without any operator.

Tunel del metro

Monitoring of the construction of tunnels next to buildings