Agronomic big data analysis

If you require to carry out an optimum sport surface management, it will be neccessary to analize deeply all the parametres which influences them, either data obtained through laboratory analysis and evaluation tests of the actual sport facilities (Quality controls).

Irrigation tests carried out at Villareal FC

At Tiloom we have designed some protocols for each sport surface, based on sport science and adapted in order to be practical & economical. These results will give you an objective value to understand how good is your facility, based on science, carried out by profesional staff and using the best tools.

At Tiloom we offer our groundsmen & greenkeepers the Quality service, carrying out those evaluations or providing you the tools so you can do it by yourself

These evaluations take into account agronomic, biomechanic, playability, irrigation system efficiency tests and also all the necessary lab analysis, to obtain an objective evaluation. Afterwards a deep analysis takes place to understand the relationship in between all those results and the recomended measurements to restore them and achieve the best pitches or greens behavior.

Clear examples on these data analysis are shown above where we compare two different soil profiles from the microbiome perspective with two opositte climates and quality waters, one being acid soil (1) , and watered with fresh low salt content irrigation water and the other, a basic soil (2), and watered with salty seawage irrigation water

The left soil profile (1) is shown as larger as it has a richer microbiome than the right one (2) with poor quality water

On the other hand we look at conventional soil analysis and other aspects like the saturation indexes. With all this information we are able to know its nutrition but also many other things like if the irrigation water is prone to produce lime deposits in the system which could clogg the sprinklers and make inefficient our irrigation system, situation shown above.

Oversaturated Calcite & Dolomite (SI>0,5) irrigation water, prone to form lime deposits on sprinklers

The organic matter built up on our greens or football pitches are due to positive balance between Carbon fixation and losses (aerobic breathing, fermentation or methanogenesis). Ask us about the latest Technology solutions for organic matter control and how to improve your greens or football pitch health.

DNA sequencing is now an available analysis technique in order to study our sport soils from a different point of view, its microbiological perspective, so that we can learn about their biosostenibility, health and nutrition together with our conventional soil analysis.

Results from biomechanic or playability tests together with instalation qualities and agronomic info will lead us to know our sport facilities in a professional manner and let us to adress the best management to reach the best results.

All our reports come with Heat maps and digital plattforms for a better an easy understanding.

Ask at to see all these new ways to understand your sport facility Or we can teach you to do it by yourself

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