Discover with Tiloom the best products and novelties on agricultural fields.

At Tiloom, we offer a wide range of utilities for agriculture and agricultural fields. You will discover specialised tools, quality products, analysis services, precise measurements, digital field notebooks and instrumentation kits.

These solutions are specifically designed to improve the care, performance and control of your agricultural land, providing you with everything you need to optimise and efficiently manage your agricultural fields.

With our tools and services, you can boost the growth of your crops and maximise productivity on your farms.

Agricultural kit to keep your land optimised

Our company offers complete and high quality instrumentation kits specifically designed for all types of measurements in sports fields. These kits are carefully designed for comfort and durability, using top quality materials that guarantee their resistance and reliability over time.

Each kit includes a variety of specialised instruments for accurate and reliable measurements. From soil moisture meters to temperature sensors, compaction measuring devices to water quality analysis equipment, our kits are equipped with all the tools needed to assess and monitor different aspects of sports fields.

In addition to high quality instruments, our kits are also designed with user comfort in mind. The equipment is ergonomic and easy to use, making it easy to handle during measurements in the field. Rugged and robust construction materials ensure that the instruments can withstand the demanding conditions of the sporting environment.

When you purchase our instrumentation kits, you get a comprehensive and reliable solution for all your sports field measurement needs. Whether you need to assess soil quality, monitor moisture or measure compaction, our kits provide you with the right tools for accurate measurements and reliable results. Trust the quality and convenience of our instrumentation kits and raise the standard of your sports field measurements.

El cuaderno de Campo Digital para terrenos agrícolas

El cuaderno Digital para terrenos agrarios Definitivo

Tiloom ofrece a sus clientes un cuaderno de campo digital destinado a la agricultura y la ganadería. La aplicación está diseñada para ayudar a los agricultores y ganaderos a gestionar sus cultivos y explotaciones de forma sencilla y eficiente.

El cuaderno de campo digital de Tiloom cuenta con una serie de funciones clave, incluyendo:

  • Registro de datos: la aplicación permite a los usuarios registrar todos los datos de su explotación, como las labores realizadas, los productos fitosanitarios utilizados y las incidencias meteorológicas.
  • Información meteorológica: la aplicación proporciona información meteorológica actualizada para cada explotación.
  • Alerta de plagas y enfermedades: la aplicación permite a los usuarios intercambiar alertas sobre plagas y enfermedades cercanas a su explotación.
  • Plataforma web: la aplicación cuenta con una plataforma web que permite a los usuarios visualizar toda la información introducida desde la app.


Características técnicas del Cuaderno Digital

El cuaderno de campo digital de Tiloom está desarrollado en la nube, lo que permite a los usuarios acceder a la información desde cualquier lugar y en cualquier momento. La aplicación también es compatible con dispositivos móviles y tabletas, lo que facilita su uso en el campo.

La aplicación está diseñada para cumplir con los requisitos de la normativa vigente en materia de cuaderno de campo. Los datos registrados en la aplicación son almacenados de forma segura y pueden ser exportados en formato PDF o CSV.


Beneficios del cuaderno Digital destinado a la Agricultura

El cuaderno de campo digital de Tiloom ofrece una serie de beneficios para los agricultores y ganaderos, entre los que se incluyen:

  • Mayor eficiencia: la aplicación ayuda a los agricultores y ganaderos a ahorrar tiempo y esfuerzo en la gestión de sus cultivos y explotaciones.
  • Mejor toma de decisiones: la aplicación proporciona información valiosa que puede ayudar a los agricultores y ganaderos a tomar mejores decisiones sobre el manejo de sus cultivos y explotaciones.
  • Mejor cumplimiento de la normativa: la aplicación ayuda a los agricultores y ganaderos a cumplir con los requisitos de la normativa vigente en materia de cuaderno de campo.


No esperes más, infórmate sobre este cuaderno de Campo Digital

El cuaderno de campo digital de Tiloom es una herramienta esencial para cualquier agricultor o ganadero que quiera mejorar la eficiencia de su gestión. La aplicación ofrece una serie de características y beneficios que pueden ayudar a los agricultores y ganaderos a ahorrar tiempo, tomar mejores decisiones y cumplir con la normativa vigente.

Agricultural Tools

In our extensive catalogue, we present you with a variety of specialised tools designed exclusively for agriculture and field care.

These innovative tools are created to meet the demands of various crops and farming practices, from planting and cultivation to irrigation and soil maintenance.

With a focus on quality and efficiency, our tools ensure optimal maintenance and exceptional performance for your agricultural fields. Whether you need equipment for tillage, efficient irrigation systems or instruments for soil analysis and monitoring, you will find the right solutions here to maximise the productivity of your crops and care for your farmland.

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Products for Agriculture

In this wide range of products, we present you with a variety of specialised solutions for agriculture and agricultural fields.

From fertilisers and soil amendments to efficient irrigation systems and tillage tools, our selection covers everything you need to optimise the performance and care of your crops.

Whether you're looking to improve soil quality, increase crop production or implement sustainable farming practices, our products are designed to deliver long-lasting, efficient results. With a focus on quality and efficacy, we have carefully chosen each product to ensure they meet the highest standards in the agricultural industry.

Explore our wide range of products and discover the ideal solutions to maximise the potential of your agricultural fields for successful farming.

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The best services for analysis and measurement of agricultural fields

In our company, we offer professional agricultural field measurement services that guarantee precision and quality in every project.

We have a team of specialists trained in measuring techniques and use high-precision equipment to obtain accurate data on the dimensions and characteristics of your agricultural fields. We carry out detailed measurements of farmland, agricultural plots and any other area related to agriculture.

In addition, we use advanced technology, such as global positioning systems (GPS) and laser scanners, to capture three-dimensional data and generate accurate digital models of agricultural fields. These measurement services are essential for accurate design and planning, as well as for optimising resources and maximising efficiency in agriculture.

Rely on our expertise and our agricultural field measurement services to deliver reliable results and meet all your agricultural needs. Our commitment is to help you make informed decisions and improve the productivity of your crops.

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