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Efficient and sustainable management

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Índice de contenidos: Efficient and sustainable management

Efficient and sustainable management philosophy comes from Rudolf Steiner and the biodinamic agriculture. Nowdays on Sport turf surfaces this can be driven through the control of key agronomic parametres and appling quality products in a sustainable manner.

There are important differences among the agriculture and sport management, so that, the maintenance must be driven taken into account those aspects. Tiloom offers groundsmen and greenkeepers all what they might need in order to achieve it, from foliar products, microbiological or the best aditives.

The basic soil parametres like pH, %VWC, Salinity, nutrition (MSLN, SLAN, etc..) need to be monitor continuosly, we also provide you all those tools. It is ineficient applying too much phosphorus without taken into account the pH reading.

Soil pH control is vital for right management

Soil pH must be set up into optimal ranges before applying the best fertilizers, so that we get the best out of our greens or football pitches


The infiltration rates of our soils are characteristics due to their physico – chemical properties, which will be affected by their organic matter content, texture, etc..

Playability, biomecanics, must also be taken into account and we can even learn about our soil microbiome through DNA secuence technics, and so that we could inoculate that microbiota which we might think are in low content.

Genomic sequencing of soils will allow us to classify the soil microbiome and its health.

Tiloom offers a management based on efficient, symbiotics and free microorganism which colonize our greens or pitches rizosphere. Our Fungus Glomus iranicum , Trichoderma harzianum T-78 and others play a fundamental role in our Microorganism Integral Model (MIM).

Tiloom also offers the first efficient bacteria which fixes atmospheric Nitrogen, Methylobacterium symbioticum, endophit, photosinthesic and able to colonize all our philosphere grass through the Nitrogenasa enzime, in a continuos, efficient and optimal manner. All these products are certified through FIBL for biodinamic management

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