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Delta T – How to calibrate a spray tank?

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Tank spraying applications are our daily bread and butter in the field. Their use is so intensive that when there are problems with the spray bucket, the work schedule suffers. Frequent calibration is essential for effective applications in order to keep track of changes in the machine. But do we know how to calibrate a spray tank?

Calibrating the spraying tank is an essential activity in order to carry out correct spraying. In today’s post we will see how to carry out a proper calibration.

Having the spray tank calibrated with a known flow rate is as important as mixing the products well.

  • Place two points 100 metres apart in the field.
  • Perform the 100-metre run in the desired speed and with the required revolutions.

The speed and revolutions determine the working pressure of the pump and the type of spraying that the nozzles will perform. It is recommended that this measurement be carried out in much the same way as it would be during the application of a product.

It should be noted that turning the agitator on or off can change the working pressure.

  • Record the time taken to cover 100 metres.

The time recorded during the 100-metre run is the key to knowing the rainfall of the spray tank under the conditions set beforehand.

  • Measure the length of the spray tank arms.


If it takes 1 minute (60 seconds) to travel 100 metres and the width of the spray tank arms is 6 metres we know that we can apply 600 square metres in one minute.

Now it is time to know what flow rate we have available, for this we need a beaker calibrated in millilitres. It is important to start the machine again with the same revolutions and pressure as in the previous steps, but at this moment the tank must be in neutral. When the spray tank is working at the desired point, spraying should be started at neutral.

  • The graduated beaker is used to calculate the volume that a nozzle releases in a known time.

It is best to use times that can be easily multiplied, 10 seconds, 30 seconds or one minute.

  • Calculate how much volume is applied with all nozzles in the time it takes to travel 100 metres.


The red nozzle releases 1.1 litres in 30 seconds. In the time it takes to travel 100 metres under the desired conditions (60 seconds) it releases 2.2 litres per minute. The spraying tank has a total of 11 nozzles, so that in total the tank releases 24.2 litres in 60 seconds.

We can finally conclude that on 600 square metres the spray bucket sprays 24.2 litres. By means of a simple three-step rule, it can be calculated that on one hectare (10,000 square metres) the bucket sprays 403.33 litres.

In this simple way we know exactly what the flow rate of our spray tank is and we can be much more precise with the sprayed treatments. If we combine these simple calculations with the use of the Delta T variable, we will have the necessary tools to carry out an effective, safe and top quality spraying job.

If you want to install a weather station in your field or include an ultrasonic station mounted on your tank, contact us at info@tiloom.com and we will help you choose the perfect weather measuring tools for you.

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