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Biostimulants – Seaweed Extracts

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Índice de contenidos: Biostimulants – Seaweed Extracts

Summer is a very stressful time for turfgrass and several studies indicate the positive effect of seaweed extracts in reducing summer abiotic stress.

Drought, excessive heat or high metabolic exercise for its cooling processes causes high and prolonged stress in turf. It has been reported that the application of phytohormones positively modifies the health of our lawns. In times of stress, cytokinins decreases. This hormone is a precursor of antioxidants that fight cell death, so its reduction has a negative impact. Hamza, B. and Suggars, A. 2001. Biostimulants; myths and realities

Phytohormones are substances synthesized by plant tissues that in small concentrations have a strong impact on metabolism.

Seaweed extracts are typically characterized by high levels of cytokinins. Plant hormones are extremely influential in metabolism, and small amounts have a noticeable impact.

The following are some of the benefits reported by T. Butler and A. Hunter in their study on the impact of algae extracts on turfgrass growth. Different trials were conducted in which different amounts of fertilizers were applied with and without algae extracts. In a very summarized form, some positive results can be extracted from their use:

Total dry matter

The seaweed extract significantly increased the dry weight of the grass compared to the control.

Foliar nitrogen

The sample with algae extracts increased the concentration of leaf nitrogen between the biostimulated and the control.

Phosphorus and foliar potassium

The concentration of both foliar potassium and phosphorus was also increased in the biostimulated sample.

Turf color

The color of the turf improved with the use of algae extract, also the color changed as the fertilizer dosage increased.

Root mass

Seaweed extract increased root mass in cases with lower nutrient concentrations.

As a general conclusion, algae extracts optimize the nutrient supply and promote the metabolism of our lawns.

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